AUTHENTIC-OLIVE-NET project created a common Basket of Extra Virgin Olive Oils from the common Cross-Border Area GREECE – ITALY with high quality and nutritional characteristics.

These selected olive oils come from 5 local varieties: Coratina (IT), Favolosa FS-19 (IT), koroneiki (GR), Lianolia (GR) and Peranzana (IT) and have marked with the “Authentic Olive Net Seal“, after their certification during the pilot implementation of the Common Value System developed within the project.

All the products are produced with the use of environmentally friendly olive farming & plant protection technics and advanced olive oil manufacturing methods. 

We invite you to access in the AUTHENTIC-OLIVE-NET e-promotion platform through the website of the project:

to be informed about the Extra Virgin Olive Oils according the fruitiness type, the region of origin,  the gastronomic combination, the olive variety, the packaging etc.