1. Development & Application of authenticity tools and special organoleptic analysis and methods
  2. Develop authenticity certification standards and good farming – manufacturing practices
  3. Creation of a common Basket of Authentic Olive Products
  4. Training Seminars
  5. e-Promotion Platform
  6. e- Networking Platform
  7. Implementation & Assessment of authenticity certification procedures
  8. Communication activities
  9. Capitalization activities.
  10. Application of authenticity analysis

 “Authentic-Olive-Net” target groups include:

  • a) All potential shareholders, i.e. local & national agribusiness associations of producers,
  • b) SMEs’, researchers & academics, regional authorities,
  • c) young olive farmers,
  • d) Businesses activated in international Agri-food commercial supply chains and
  • e) Olive oils’ consumers.