1. 12 July – 15 July 20121 Germany

During the days from 12 to 15 July, the Chamber of Commerce of Foggia organized, in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany, online meetings with German buyers to learn about the olive oils participating in the AUTHENTIC-OLIVE-NET project. The purpose was to make known the products, the territory and the producers.

2. 28 July – 31 July 2021 France (Lyon)

Chamber of Foggia organized with the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Lyon, in France, two meetings.  The best of Extra Virgin Olive Oil production of Foggia was the absolute protagonist in these meetings.

The tasting started on 28th and ended on 31st July, in two tasting sessions dedicated to the Lyonnais consumers: the first in a supermarket of BIO products and the second at 30 exclusive tables of the best Italian restaurant in Lyon.

Protagonists of the tasty promotion, entirely dedicated to the market French, were two typical varities of Foggia: Coratina and Peranzana whose EVO and BIO oils are the result of a careful and rewarded olive production from the best companies in the Daunia area.

The initiative saw the overall participation of over 230 people from 170 of which are customers of the Da Lello restaurant and 60 customers of the Voie Verte organic food products.

3. 30 August 2021 Torremaggiore

On August 30th, a Masterclass was organized at the Torremaggiore Castle, in the province of Foggia, for Swiss bloggers, influencers and importers connected online, through the support of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland, with the aim to inform about the territory, the culture and the gastronomy having as a leitmotif the extra virgin olive oil and its importance in the Mediterranean diet. In the on-line event participated also olive oil companies of the Authentic Olive Net project and a professional olive oil taster. The olive oils shipped to Switzerland.

4. 25 November and 6, 7 and 8 December 2021

Following the event on 30 August, B to B meetings were held with Swiss buyers, thanks to the support of the Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland.

5. 23 November 2021 France (Lyon)

The event was held, in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce for France in Lyon, for the promotion and enhancement of two native olive oil cultivars of the Dauno territory belonging to the Authentic Olive Net project (Coratina and Peranzana). During the event a gastronomic masterclass was created by Chef Lello Cabras in his restaurant. A panel of 12 selected food importers, gastronomic operators, restaurateurs, owners of Italian food boutiques, supermarkets and also an important French food journalist participated in the gastronomic event. At the end of the masterclass, all participants received a technical tasting sheet with information material on the quality and genuineness of the EVO oils of the Foggia area and two bottles of oil, one for each cultivar.

6. 30 November – 6 December 2021 Denmark

With reference to the INTERREG AUTHENTIC-OLIVE-NET project, events dedicated to the enhancement of EVO oil (Peranzana and Coratina) was organized in 5 high-level Italian restaurants in Copenhagen, which offered to all customers a tasting of extra virgin olive oils of the selected companies (distributed equally among the participating restaurants). The event was held with the collaboration of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Denmark.

The event was aimed at a B to C audience, with a side promotion to the participating restaurateurs, to make them appreciate the value of the oils. Also an echo in the local and specialized press was created.

7. 1 December 2021 Japan

With the support of Promos Italia, the national agency of the chamber system that supports Italian companies in their internationalization processes, the Foggia Chamber of Commerce has organized events in Japan to promote AUTHENTIC-OLIVE-NET and extra virgin olive oil.

It started on 1 December with the aim of raising awareness of products and manufacturers in a first online meeting.

The companies participating in the AON project had the opportunity to present their product, supported by a Japanese interpreter, in a live online session.

The 18 buyers were also sent samples of the oils, which the Chamber of Commerce collected, to facilitate the study and tasting of the oils described.

The last phase involves meeting, online, with the buyers who participated in the presentation and received the samples and with whom it is possible to start promotional reflections as well as enrich the tasting activity with observations.