The training seminar was organized in the frame of the AUTHENTIC-OLIVE-NET project,  and lasted from 27/07/2021 to 30/07/2021. The 18 participants attended the seminar through an on-line training platform.

The training material was produced by the project partners: ELGO DEMETER and ASSOPROLI BARI and included the following modules:

– Short presentation of AUTHENTIC-OLIVE-NET project

– Conceptual approach of the Authenticity of Agricultural Products and certification methods.

– The existing framework and certification procedures for olive oils in Greece and Italy

– The olive oil authentication system developed in the AUTHENTIC-OLIVE-NET project

– Presentation of the 1st Pillar – Origin

– Presentation of the 2nd Pillar – Production Methods and Cultivation Techniques

– Presentation of the 3rd Pillar – Quality / Chemical Analysis / Sensory Methods

– The Common Values ​​and Criteria to ensure the authenticity of olive oils

– Small taste training