The Municipalities of Sammichele di Bari and Bitetto, members of “La Merenda nell’Oliveta” organised by the Association: “The Oil Towns”, were the stages chosen by ASSOPROLI Bari for the promotion of extra virgin olive oil within the Authentic- Olive – Net project, financed by the Greece-Italy Programme 2014-2020, whose partners are: Chamber of Commerce of Preveza (EL), Region of Western Greece (EL), ELGO Demeter (EL), ASSOPROLI and the Chamber of Commerce of Foggia.

On this occasion, Assoproli experts guided participants in a tasting session through which they learned about the organoleptic characteristics of typical oils, some of which belong to the Authentic Olive Net Basket Products” and how to recognise quality for informed consumption.

As well as adult consumers and children also discovered the “magical” world of oil through games and tastings.

In the cooking show that followed the course, the chef presented dishes prepared with different combinations of extra virgin olive oils.

The date and the place of events were:

– Sunday, June 13rd at 15.30 in Sammichele di Bari at the museum of Rural Life

– Friday, June 18th at 5 p.m. in Bitetto at the Cooperative: Farmers’ Oil Mill –“The Oil of Our Territory”.

A guide with useful tips distributed during the two meetings.

Assoproli President, Mr. Pasquale Mastandrea says: “We have produced a practical guide on good rules for choosing, using and preserving extra vergin olive oil as a means for operators and consumers to increase awareness in choosing an authentic quality product. These appointments represent an important opportunity for us to make known the work, commitment, and technique made up of tradition and innovation that lies behind a quality product, and the consumer that choosing a quality product protects his or her health.”